Friday, 30 October 2015

Why do you need insurance?

When an individual is approached to buy an insurance policy, most often the initial reaction ranges from  ‘I do not need an insurance policy’ or ‘I am financially secure’ or even  ‘Nothing can happen to me.’ But the reality is today one is exposed to more risks than in the past whether it is to one’s life, health, assets or business.  Having an insurance cover to mitigate the risks one is exposed to has become mandatory at present.
But the general reaction when asked to buy an insurance policy is largely skeptical.  People are afraid to invest in an insurance policy because they believe nothing adverse can happen to them or their assets.  They view an insurance policy as a dead investment, paying regular premiums without the expectation of a return is not an attractive proposition to them.  Also the experience of a bitter claims refund process puts some people off from buying an insurance policy altogether.
Today insurance companies offer a range of products to suit different needs and the companies compete with each other to offer the best to the customer. While the customer may be king he is often confused on the kind of policy he needs. He is lost in the maze of policies presented to him.
This is where an intermediary or the insurance broker can be a great source of help and information.  A broker gives the customer a comprehensive picture of the kind of policy he requires, educates him on the benefits and drawbacks of each policy and advises him on the best policy that will meet his needs. The broker also makes the process of buying a policy much easier and even helps in the settlement process when a claim arises.  Moreover a broker is committed to help policyholders in the entire claims procedure as mandated by the IRDA.
The range of services offered by an in insurance broker simplifies the process of buying an insurance policy while at the same time educates and empowers the customer with the right kind of information he needs to get the best benefits out of the policy he has opted for.

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